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Making sure I'm right for you

After you have made contact, we would arrange a free initial session online, allowing us to get to know each another.


Within this session, we would discuss if you have a particular reason for attending counselling (you don’t have to have one), and we would, at your pace, begin to talk about the difficulties you are experiencing. We would also explore any expectations or questions that you may have, and collaboratively decide if we will continue working together. There would be no obligation to book any further sessions.

If you felt you would like to continue, we would arrange a regular weekly session, lasting 50 minutes. We would discuss whether you would like to have our appointments face to face (at my private practice in Clapham Junction) or online. 


I work with clients in both a long and short term manner; often this is dependent on your reasons for attending counselling.  We would collaboratively to discuss and explore what would be beneficial to you, regularly reviewing our work together.

Cousellor in session

If you have any questions regarding my counselling and psychotherapy services, please get in touch with me so we can talk about it.

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